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Bampton Butchers

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Bampton Butchers

23 Brook Street  




EX16 9LU


Tel: 01398 331208

Opening hours

Tuesday - Friday

7.30 - 4.45


7.30 - 1.00

What's fresh?

Since we feature only the freshest produce, our selection changes from week to week, season to season.


See what's in season.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are small and medium family farms with animal welfare at heart, also aiming to produce quality livestock with just the right amount of lean meat to fat ratio. No GM or hormones being used.

A wide range of quality cheeses from near and far are selected to cover all tastes.


Beef Suppliers

Holloway Family, Waterhouse Farm, Petton Cross

John & Alison Wescott, Brockhole Farm, Morebath

Pork Suppliers 

Mitchells, Near Taunton, Somerset

Lamb Suppliers

John & Alison Wescott

Poultry Suppliers

Creedy Carver. Chicken and Ducks

Deans Poultry. Chicken and Guinee Fowl

Turkeys come from the Slade Family near Exeter

Game Suppliers

Creedy Carver

Robert Hawker Venison


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